Q:    Do you have insurance?
A:    No.  Each student and their parents are required to sign a waiver before they practice.

Q:    Do you give belt tests?
A:    No.  When a student qualifies for the next belt rank, the test will be administered remotely in association with Scott L. Towner of the Addison, NY Tae Kwon Do Club.

Q:    How are YOU going to treat me and/or my kids, and will we be safe?
A:    Although the rules of the Club are firm, I will be treating you and/or your children with patience, respect, and compassion.  As a parent, I ask your permission to allow me to enforce the rules as I stated them previously.  I will not “discipline” anyone, but I will remind them of my rules of no talking and no fooling around if necessary.  I’ve very rarely had a problem in this respect.  Since we are a non-contact Club, neither I nor any other students will be striking or throwing anyone.  The only times physical contact is made is when one student is blocking the punch or kick of another, and even then, it is done in a tightly controlled environment.  No preferential treatment is given to anyone, although new & younger students will need a little extra attention until they get the hang of things.

Q:    May I bring friends & family to watch the class.
A:    Definitely!  The only thing I ask is that they sit/stand quietly to the side so as not to disturb the concentration of the students.

Q:    If I or my child has other martial arts experience, will he or she start out ahead of the other students?
A:    No.  Although the technique may come easier to them, everyone who joins starts out the same.

Q:    If I have any questions, can I call you at home?
A:    Absolutely.  My number is 828-256-7276.