Please check with your instructor on the belt test fees.

Belt Ranks

When you join, you are automatically a white belt.

Minimum time requirement: 2 months consistent attendance as a White Belt.
Memorization: Kuk Mu 1 & 2, first three moves in 3-Step.

Minimum time requirement: 4 months consistent attendance as a Yellow Belt.
Memorization: Pyong An 1 & 2, first seven moves in 3 Step and 1 Freestyle.
Physical: Student is working hard and beginning to push themselves, developing TKD "snap".
Precision: Student is paying more attention to good stances and form.

Minimum time requirement: 7 months consistent attendance as a Green Belt.
Memorization: Pyong An 2 & 3, first seven moves in 3 Step and 2 Freestyles.
Physical: Student pushes themselves at class. Noticeable difference in power, precision and snap than previously.
Precision: Student takes great care to self correct stances and form in every aspect of practice from Basics to Warm-Downs.
Dedication: Student is dedicated to club with good attendance and participation in extra events such as exhibitions, special practices and tournaments.
Setting example: Sets good example for lower belts in behavior, dedication, and physicality.

Minimum time requirement: 10 months consistent attendance as a Purple Belt.
Memorization: Pyong An 4 & 5, 3 Freestyles and first ten moves in 3 Step.
Physical: Student is physically spent after every class and exertion clearly stands out.
Precision: Good stances, form & self-correction are now second nature.
Dedication: Instructor can count on Brown Belt to consistently attend class and extra events to assist the Instructor in any capacity.
Servant Attitude: Brown Belts have an "others first" attitude in and out of class. They lead by serving the lower belts and do not expect to be served by them. 

Consistent: Attending both practices most every week and month that TKD is active.
Precision: Being self-aware and paying close attention to good stances and form then applying them at class.
Power: How much physical effort you are putting into class.
Dedication: Consistency in both regular classes, extra activities & helping the Instructor. The dedicated student is he/she who has TKD as a priority over other sports, activities, etc. and thus will advance much more quickly. 
Setting the Example: Student is aware that lower belt students are modeling them and therefore make an effort to set a good example in their physical effort, good behavior and servant attitude.
Servant Attitude: A student who desires to serve the club as a whole instead of just coming to practice. Examples of this humble spirit are helping to patiently teach lower belts, serving food to lower belts at TKD events, making sure lower belts are cared for and looked after on road trips and special practices, assisting the Instructor in any way possible, maintaining order and enforcing rules with lower belts, doing 3-step with new White Belt (not as fun as doing 3-Step with same belt), going to belt tests to support others even if they aren't taking one.  Someone, in general, willing to sacrifice their personal wants and needs for someone else and/or doing things that do not necessarily benefit themselves, but are for the benefit of another.